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Welcome to, I’m your host Thas R. Eagans, and if you’re new to Web Design & Development, Running an Online Business, Blogging, or Passive Income, you’ve come to the right page! Here I provide information and resources to give you a kick start on how quick and easy it is to get your personal business website up and running. This will allow you to create an online web presence and start building your brand.

Some of the below links are my affiliate links and I will receive a commission should you decide to make a purchase, but at no cost to you.

Web Design & Development: Get Up and Running

Interested in Creating your own websites, Modifying existing websites, or just staying up to date with the fast moving changes of web design? I’ll keep you up to date with the latest changes and growing trends. Need to get a website up and running today??

  1. Purchase a Domain Name.
    1. Namecheap, 1and1, Dreamhost, and HostGator are my recommended companies for purchasing domain names. Go Daddy is decent for domains too, although, that’s all I would use them for. You’ll need a domain name, so feel free to purchase your domain from any company you like.
  2. Purchase Web Hosting.
    1. HostGator and BlueHost are my favorites when it comes to Web Hosting. Of course there’s also: Namecheap, 1and1, and Dreamhost. I do not recommend Go Daddy when buying Web Hosting.
  3. Install WordPress.
    1. Login to your Web Hosting Control Panel and use the 1-click install for WordPress.
  4. Select a WordPress theme.
    1. Want a Premium theme with Support? Get the Genesis Framework along with one or all of its many themes. Also ElegantThemes has the Amazing Divi theme I’ve come to love, and DIYThemes has Thesis. All have a wide selection of Premium themes to choose from, and they each come with excellent support.
    2. Looking to go the free way? You can always use the latest (Twenty Fifteen) theme from WordPress or many other free themes out there. Keep in mind that most free themes do not come with support.

**Watch me Get Up and Running with WordPress in less than 10 Minutes**

Running an Online Business: The Smart Way

Today is a great day for you to start your own online business. It’s an excellent way to bring in additional or primary income, and it’s not hard getting started. If you have an idea or passion for a business that you can do online, then you too can be successful.

Guess what, you probably already have everything you need to get started. Computer and internet connection. In order to run any type of business you will need to do the following:

  1. Look like a Business
    1. Register your business. At least Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online.
    2. Setup a business bank account to use separate of your personal account.
    3. Have a professional website, logo, and email address to represent your company.
  2. Find Clients
    1. Through your website.
    2. Social Media.
    3. Word of Mouth (Referrals).
    4. Social groups and blogs within your business niche.
  3. Tools
    1. Software
    2. Hardware
    3. Backup Solutions

Blogging: How It Helps

If done properly blogs can be highly profitable to any business. They can directly, and indirectly bring visitors to your website, many who could turn into paying customers. Keeping your blog updated with quality content will not only bring back visitors, but will also help build your brand. People are always in search for quality and up to date information, and your blog just may be the source they’re looking for.

BloggingBlogging is not as hard as people think it is. Just think about questions you’ve had relating to your business. Well guess what, they’re are still plenty of other people out there with the same questions. So, you can create a blog entry that answers that same question, and when others search the web for answers, your blog post could be referenced by that search engine.

Blog entries are also an excellent way to link to and promote products. Whether products you own and sell, or products through your affiliate links. They also allow visitors to submit immediate feedback to your website without having to use your contact information.

One last point I’ll make about blogs is that it’s more beneficial to add a blog to your domain versus having it hosted through a free blogging service like By adding a blog to your website, you’ll more than likely generate more traffic directly, and indirectly. Whether you have just an informational site or a ecommerce store, a blog can definitely come in handy.

Passive Income: Automation at Work

As stated by Wikipedia:

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. It is closely related to the concept of “unearned income“.

You put in the work upfront through whatever means you choose, and kinda sit back and watch it generate income on autopilot. Depending on the route you took to generate the passive income, you may have to keep the information updated, but even then the work is minimum.

For example, I created my Web Design Course in February, and still today I’m generating income from it each month as new students sign up to take the course. I have added an additional lesson or two, but that was minimum. It continues to work on autopilot.

There’s plenty ways of generating passive income. Below are a just a few:

  • Create an Online Business
  • Create Online courses
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell Ebooks
  • Sell T-shirts Online
  • Many, Many, More……

There’s a lot of websites on the internet regarding ways of creating Passive Income, but one that I enjoy visiting from time to time is Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income.

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