Often times as a web designer you may find yourself in a situation where your client is needing a bit of graphic work done. Now if you have a background in graphic design you can make some good money by offering graphic services with your web design services. Even if you don’t have a graphic design background, you can still help your client by outsourcing the work.

Outsourcing Graphic Design

When I started out initially as a Web Designer, I didn’t have any graphic design skills worth mentioning. Anytime a client was seeking graphic work, I would kindly turn down the offer saying I was too busy with the website. In truth, I was just too ashamed to say I didn’t know how to create graphics. It wasn’t until I  met a graphic designer who asked if I had any projects that required graphic work that I even thought about outsourcing.

After viewing his work, and receiving free help on a few projects I started thinking about all the projects that I turned down that needed graphic work. How much money I lost. Just because you don’t personally have graphic design skills, don’t mean you can’t find someone that does. Clients love the convenience of dealing with a sort of one stop shop. Saves them time, money, and the headache of not having to deal with multiple parties or companies.

With the many different outsourcing websites online, below are a few that I’ve tried and recommend (in no particular order).

Elance: This site allows you to hire freelancers and post freelance jobs.

99 Designs: This is a website that does Logo Design, Websites, T-shirts, Packaging, and more. You can post what you need, and designers submit their ideas to your contest based on your needs. I’ve actually won a couple jobs on this site.

CrowdSpring: Another site where you post what you’re looking for and designers submit their ideas allowing you to pick which designer you want to work with.

Fiverr: A good place to find graphic designers for all your graphic design needs. I currently have a go to designer I met on Fiverr that I work with.

Freelancer: Another site where you can hire freelancers and post freelance jobs.

Money to be Made

When I initially considered outsourcing, I thought It would be coming from the cost I charged for the website. Yes and No. If you don’t add the cost of the logo, icon, or whatever graphic it is you need outsourced, then yes it will come from the cost you charged for the website. So to prevent that from happening, during Step 1 of my Web Design Process you’ll identify the need for outsourcing, find a graphic designer willing to do the job, and add that cost to the price of the website.

As a web designer you’ll start to network and develop friendships. You’ll find those Graphic Designers willing to help you at a low cost, or even at no cost depending on your relationship. Also, there may be times where you can offer your services in advance.

Not Just Anyone

It’s especially important when outsourcing for a client that you find the right person for the job. Unfortunately, this could take a bit of research, as well as trial and error. There are definitely things you want to look for to avoid making mistakes.

  1. Always check a designer’s previous work (portfolio) and see if you like their style of design.
  2. Ask for previous clients to ensure that they are known to produce timely and quality work.
  3. Ensure you get everything in writing (contract).
  4. Ask the designer what his or her policy is on revisions.
  5. Ensure the designer can understand your goals and vision.


Final Thoughts!

So the next time you think of turning down graphic work because you’re no graphic designer, think again. Look at outsourcing the work. Even if you do got graphic design experience, its still good to outsource from time to time based on your work load.