Early Detection

As a web designer there’s a high probability that you’ll encounter a nightmare client, or at least hear about this type of client throughout your career. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to identify this type of client before you ever begin working on their project. If you’re lucky enough to spot this type of client in advance, do not waste your time with them. It’s way more trouble than what it’s worth. You won’t have fun, and you probably won’t produce your best work, and ever contact with the client will only frustrate you even more. So if you can initially identify them right off the back as a nightmare, and you have yet to even start any work, don’t think it will get any better over time. RUNNNNN!!!!

The Truth

As great as it would be, unfortunately we can’t always identify the nightmare before we fall asleep. Sometimes you don’t find out that you have a nightmare client until you’ve already begun to work on the project. A nightmare client can come in several different flavors.

Are We Done Yet

This is the type of client that’s constantly calling, emailing, or even stopping by to check on progress of the project. They want to constantly see how close you are to being done, or are you’re ahead of schedule. Little do they know is that all they’re doing is  distracting you, slowing you down, and more than likely getting on your nerves.

Your Other Shadow

This is the type of client that wants to just stand over your shoulder watching everything you do while asking 100 different questions. It’s really important that you draw the line with these type of clients. Keep visitations short, and only address the issues the visitation was about in the first place. As much as you may want to, don’t give this type of client an opportunity to see any progression you’re not ready to show them. Once you do that, they think that’s now the norm.

Don’t Worry I Got You

This is the type of client who doesn’t really have the money to pay you, or is always trying to restructure the contract after it’s already been initiated, hoping that you’ll lower the price. Each time this type of client misses a payment, they constantly reassure you that you’ll receive the money. This is why it’s important to always use a contract.

I Would of Done it Myself

This client is usually one that’s working toward being a web designer or that’s just not good enough to Create Modern and Professional Websites. This client talks to you with the “lingo”, tells you they’re a web designer, and always reminds you how they would of done the work themselves but, had other things to take care of that’s just as, or more important. So instead of letting you do your job, this client questions why you do certain things the way you do, or try telling you how they would have done it.

The Chameleon

By far one of the worse client types. Every day or so this client wants to change things, not respond to calls, emails, or you just seem to lose contact with them for a while. They come and go as they please. Contacting you when it’s convenient for them only. This is the type of client that thinks because they hired you, you now work on their schedule eliminating the milestones set out in the web design contract that was agreed upon and signed.

Final Thoughts!

As you gain more and more experience in your business, and with clients, you’ll be able to start identifying signs of the client type while conducting your initial meeting (kick off meeting). At that point, you can make the determination if it’s the type of client you want to move forward with or not. Remember this, just because they hired you, don’t mean you can’t fire them.