Building Subscribers

Based on my previous post, 3 Reasons to Start a Mailing List Today, a lot of you have started your very own mailing list. Congratulations!! You’ve taken a huge step of turning visitors into customers, clients, students, or even frequent visitors.

Now, I’m being asked how to go about getting visitors to subscribe to their mailing list. It’s a great question and matter of fact I still remember myself sitting at my desk in my office asking myself the same question. “Hmmm, I got this great mailing list setup on my website, now how do I get visitors to subscribe?”.


The Research

Thats exactly what I did…..Research! I went online to several of my top frequently visited websites. These aren’t just your regular websites that are my favorite either, these are websites that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. So I started visiting all these websites and noticed they all had one thing in common when it came to their mailing lists. They were all giving away something for FREE!! People love free things, especially when its beneficial to them.


What Can I Give

To be honest you can give anything from a product, to a service, to information, to nothing at all. Yes that’s correct, you don’t have to offer anything to get visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. A lot of times websites themselves have so much great information on it that people want more information and they want to stay up to date, so they continue to come back to the website for just that. Think about the last website you subscribed to. What made you subscribe? Was it a great informational website? a free product? Those are the same techniques you can use to get your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. For those who are wanting some ideas on what they can offer as an incentive to subscribe to their mailing list, here are some examples.

  1. Books – These can range from eBooks or audio books.
  2. Courses – If you offer courses, giving out free access can definitely entice visitors.
  3. Digital Products – That’s exactly what I use for my subscribing list. My Complete Web Design Business Starter Kit.
  4. Membership Access – This can be to Webinars, Podcasts, Courses, etc.
  5. Coupons – Discounted or free coupons for different services or products depending on your niche.
  6. Blog Posts – Like the one you’re reading. Its information people want.
  7. Images – Everyone loves free images with the rights to use freely.
  8. Apps – Free Apps within your niche that visitors may want or need.
  9. Videos – Free video tutorials, lessons, etc.
  10. Newsletters – Free information that may not be found on your website.

This is not a complete listing of all that can be offered, but it’s a great list with what you can offer for getting your visitors to subscribe to your Mailing List.


Final Thoughts

Giving away free products, services, or information can definitely increase the number of subscribers you have to join your mailing list. People really do react to the word FREE. Anything a visitor can get for free that can help them or that they find useful, they’re more than likely to share that information with someone else, which can increase your traffic and subscriber’s list at the same time.