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Hopefully you landed here on purpose, and you’re interested in learning a bit more about the man behind If you by chance landed here by accident somehow, just be glad you did. Now that that’s out the way.

Well, let me first get the introduction out the way before I start telling you what a great, talented, and amazing person I am. I’m Thas Rashad Eagans, hence the name of my website TREagans. As for my logo, it’s nothing more than my initials T.E. No, it’s not a Chinese glyph. You’d be surprised as to how many people ask me that. I’m a Dallas Cowboy’s fan, I like shooting pool, bowling, playing Fantasy Football, learning about technology, riding bikes, spending time with my family, R/C Helicopters and Planes, and I just recently got into Quadcopters afters seeing a few cool videos on YouTube. As much as I’d love to tell you I’m a full time Web Designer & Developer, I can’t. I actually do all of this part time. Right about now you’re probably wondering what it is I do full time. Well, I’m about to tell you. Full time, I’m currently active duty military serving proudly in the United States Army. I know, you probably would have never guessed, but that’s okay.

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Soon, my part time job will become my full time job. Honestly, there’s nothing better than the thought of being my own boss, and making a living working from home. It’s what I love, its what I’m good at. I originally started off as a Web Designer & Developer. Now I actually teach Web Design & Development as a Udemy Instructor. I never in a 100 years would of thought I’d actually be teaching hundreds of people how to Create Modern Websites from Scratch using HTML & CSS. I mean after all, why would I teach others how to design websites, when that’s what I do? I run the risk of losing lots of business. It was at that point that I learned about Passive Income. About 2 years ago I was coding websites from scratch. No frameworks or nothing. Then I started researching WordPress, and the benefits of it. I’m talking site building without coding. Whats not to love about that? Through another Instructor I was introduced to the Genesis Framework, which takes WordPress to the next level. I absolutely Love Genesis, and have never looked back.

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Let me wrap this up before I drag it out too long. Web Design is my passion. I absolutely love seeing my work on the web. I mainly focus on Web Design & Development, Online Business, Generating Passive Income, and my latest skill set, Blogging. I’ve helped over 800 people learn how to design Modern, Professional, and in Demand websites. I’ve designed and created over 20 solo projects for clients, collaborated on over 10, and have won several crowd sourcing website design contests using Photoshop.

Thank you so much for stopping by and getting to know a bit more about who I am.

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