Start Your Mailing List Today

Starting a mailing list for your business should not be an option you’re considering. It should be part of your business plan. I had a great hour long conversation with one of my students two days ago through Skype. He called me up and asked, “What’s the big deal about having a mailing list?” I personally know the benefits of having one, but it got me to thinking about how many others are wandering the same thing. Needless to say, by the end of the conversation, he was signing up for his own Mailing List.


After the conversation, I spoke to some good friends of mine who also run an Online Businesses. My initial question to them was, “At what point did you start a Mailing List. Out of the 12 owners I spoke too, 9 said they wished they had started their mailing list when they launched their website. The other 3, had their mailing list setup and running, prior to launch, and was glad they had learned from others before them.


As I recommend to everyone, start a Mailing List as soon as you start your business. Not doing so could be a definite disadvantage as you’ll see below. If you already have a business but have yet to start a Mailing List, don’t despair because you can still get started today!! I personally use Aweber, one of the most popular Email Marketing Companies out there, but not the only option. Other recommended options that I found easy to work with are Mailchimp, and GetResponse.

Free vs Paid

There are several services that allow you to use free online email subscription services. If you’re interested in those, feel free to google them. I’m not going to really go into the free services because if you’re serious about your business, you’ll be willing to look into a premium service like Aweber, Mailchimp, or GetResponse.


  1. Aweber: A great Email Marketing service that I currently use for my website ( It has amazing great features, great customer service, great email templates, free seminars you can sign up for, analytics, split testing, and more. They also start you off with a free 30-day trial so you can use and enjoy their services. Monthly costs are based off the amount of subscribers you have. Below is a quick snap shot of the monthly cost per subscribers.
    1. Signup Free 30-Day Trial
    2. 0 – 500                       $19/month
    3. 501-2,500                   $29/month
    4. 2,501 – 5,000            $49/month
    5. 5,001 – 10,000          $69/month



  1. Mailchimp: Another great Email Marketing Company I’ve setup for a lot of clients. It comes with a lot of the same great features: Analytics, Automation, Personalization, Template Designs, Mobile Ready, and more. One of the things most of my clients like about Mailchimp is the startup and monthly costs based more on the amount of subscribers you have. See below for a quick snapshot.
    1. Signup Free
    2. 0 – 2,000 Free (12,000 emails/month)
    3. 0 – 500 $10/month (unlimited emails)
    4. 501 – 1,000 $15/month (unlimited emails)
    5. 1,001 – 1,500 $20/month (unlimited emails)



  1. GetResponse: This is another great Email Marketing Company. I use GetResponse on a couple other websites I manage. I really like them as well which is why I took the time to add them in. Some of their features include: A/B Testing, Email Creator, Step-by-Step course, Autoresponders, Landing Page Creator, and more. A snapshot of their prices are below.
    1. Signup Free 30 Day-Trial
    2. 1,000 $15/month
    3. 2,500 $25/month
    4. 5,000 $45/month
    5. 10,000 $65/month



What Should You look For

When selecting an Email Mailing Service you should be looking for the features that each service provides. Don’t look at the “right-now”, look ahead to where you see your mailing list at in a year from now. Every single mailing list started off with no subscribers at first, so don’t let the amount be an initial worry. At the end of the day, we all want to have hundreds of thousands subscribers right? Take a look at the features the company offers.


Features like: A/B Testing which lets you send out multiple versions of an email and see which converts the best, Responsive Email Templates, Good customer support, AutoResponder services, Tutorials, Ease of Use, etc. Those are the features you’re going to want to be looking for when your list starts to grow, so start looking into those Now!!


What Are the Reasons


1.    Helps Build Real Relationships: Having a Mailing List helps you build long lasting personal relationships with your subscribers. It will help you transfer subscribers to not only friends, but customers depending on the purpose of your Mailing List.


2.    You Can Reach Your Targeted Market: Mailing List allow you to pull in those that are interested in your business. Because of your content, an offer, or what have you. After arriving on your website or landing page, something was interesting enough to cause them to want more. More content, more freebies, more something. Which is a great thing. Instead of asking everyone to join your mailing list just because you have one, it allows those that are interested to stay up to date with your business.


3.    Marketing and Advertisement: After having built a relationship with your targeted subscribers you can start to market and advertise. Whether you’re giving away free material or selling something, because you’ve built that relationship to a targeted group, you’ll have a much higher chance to convert them.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t started a Mailing List yet, then ensure you get started TODAY!! All the above listed Email Marketing Services either allow you to start for free, or give you a free 30 day trial. Again, a Mailing List will help you build relationships, Help reach a targeted audience, and allow you to market and advertise products. You don’t have to take my word for it, ask any other business owner out there how important a Mailing List is. I’m sure they’ll tell you the same thing I did……Get One Now!!